Saturday, November 11, 2006

Darn Those Teeth - And Other Baby Updates

Our littlest darling is really feeling the pain now. I can't be sure but it feels like both bottom teeth are coming in at the same time.

It wakes her up in the middle of the night (and she only just got over jet lag). I smear on the (natural, homeopathic) teething gel and rock her gently back to sleep. She whimpers as if to say "make it stop, mommy." It distracts her during the day. It makes her want to chew on my shoulder. My chin. Her shoes. Anything but the teething ring.

Last night she tried chewing the leg of our coffee table. But rather than turn her head to the side (so that she could actually get her mouth around the leg), she approached it on her belly - straight on - like a bull charging a matador's cape. But she couldn't get her mouth around it, so she tilted her head slowly back and then quickly forward, which of course caused her to bonk her head on the leg of the table and burst into tears.

I bought some bread rolls for her. They seem to distract her. I tried the teething biscuits offered by Nestle, but they are a strange texture and turn into a weird cement after they get wet. She was a fan of the frozen carrot, but then I read somewhere that offering carrots to infants is dangerous due to nitrates or something and to wait until babies are older.

In other news, she has also started babbling. She actually started babbling about a month ago but I forgot to post it - bad Lang. It is the cutest thing ever. "Bababa baba baba." Seriously, it's outrageous. Her little girl voice. I just love it.

She's still "commando" crawling (a term I borrowed from a friend) - and getting pretty good at it - but she still prefers to sit, rather than be on her stomach. Yes, I know, she needs the tummy time.

Her latest toys: Brian bought her a harmonica, because she loves sucking and seems to be drawn to shiny things (that's my girl!). We're waiting for the first note! I found a kiddie-size soccer ball, so I'm teaching her how to kick the ball, instead of pick it up. The musical instruments (tambourine, bells and maraca) from Grandpa Mark continue to be among her favorites. She's also getting more and more into books. Pat the Bunny, Go Dogs Go, My First Book of Farm Animals, Baby's Busy Day At The Park, and the Numbers book from Kar Kar are her favorites. She has also played with the flower chime garden from Grandma Aiya so much that it's out of batteries.

All in all, I continue to be amazed by her. By how quickly she learns. How inquisitive she is. How captivated she is by things and people. How outgoing she is. How easy it is to make her smile. She is so eager for adventure - she gets so excited when I put on the kiddie carrier, as if to say "where are we going now, mommy?"

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