Monday, September 04, 2006


My mom has extensive experience in child development; I found her insights (about Chase) extremely interesting. I also love, as all mothers do, to hear that their child is smarter then the average bear.

The following observations are sure to impress Herr Doctor at Chase's next appointment!

1) Chase has a sense of humor (this usually doesn't develop until much later)

2) Chase notices her own shadow (very unusual for a 5-month-old)

3) Chase has invented a game (based on peek-a-boo), where she will place objects over her eyes and then I have to remove them to "find" her. I was initially freaked out by this because I don't like the idea of her placing anything on her face, but my mom pointed out that I need to honor her game because it is the first thing she has created independently. In addition, my mom pointed out how Chase has even taken it to the next step - she has generalized it - it doesn't just have to be her bunny, it can be anything. And, Chase gets really sad (brink of tears) if I don't play the game with her.

4) Chase feels items with her lips. She isn't tasting them. She isn't sucking them. She isn't licking them. She gently places her lips on things to help identify them.

Go, Chase, go!

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