Sunday, September 17, 2006

6 Months!

Six months of sleep deprivation.

Six months of changing diapers.

Six months of sneaking into my daughter's bedroom while she is asleep to make sure she is still breathing (yes, I'm one of those crazy, overconcerned mothers).

Six months of singing "good morning to you."

Six months of looking into my daughter's eyes, wondering what she's thinking as she looks into mine.

Six months of watching in awe as Chase grows, learns, evolves and matures - getting stronger and more independent with each day.

Six months of strong, unwavering support from my darling husband.

Six months of counting my blessings.

Six months of eating cheese and chocolate every day (I really need to cut back).

Six months of being amazed, scared, overwhelmed - and happier than I ever thought possible.

My lovely Chase, your Daddy and I feel so blessed to have you in our life. We cherish every moment we spend with you. You are so amazing. So sweet. So strong. So good natured. So adventurous. Such a good sport.

We love you more than words can possibly describe.

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Joan Hammel said...

As a new, first-time mom myself (our baby Ellice is just 3 1/2 months now) I read this and it just made my eyes well up because I feel like I know *exactly* how you feel. You captured it so beautifully. What a lovely post!!