Monday, August 21, 2006

Auntie Lockett: Trip to Eagle's Nest

En route to Salzburg, we stopped over at Hitler's Tea House (a.k.a. the Eagles Nest), which was built for Hitler as a 50th birthday present. After a breathtaking drive up 4 mile road, which runs along the edge of the cliff, we walked through a marble-lined tunnel 406 ft long into the heart of the mountain. We then boarded the original brass-lined elevator for a ride up through the heart of the Kehlstein mountain another 406 ft straight into the Eagle's Nest, which is perched high in the Austrian Alps (6017 ft. ).

Waiting for the bus...

On the bus...

View from the bus window:

Tunnel that leads to the elevator:

View from just outside the Eagle's Nest:

The Eagle's Nest:

View from the Eagle's Nest:

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