Thursday, July 20, 2006

Frau Chase: 4 month update

Weight: 6.52 kg (45th percentile - up from 25th percentile)
Length: 62.2 cm (60th percentile - up from 50th percentile)

As far as development, Herr Doctor was pleased. She is getting plenty of "Tummy Time." I'm happy to report she popped right up when the Dr. put her on her tum - good girl! (She much prefers to stand and still would rather be carried then put in her stroller, hence our new nickname for her -- the Empressita.)

She received her second round of immunizations (poor darling) and has slept almost non-stop as a result.

Herr Doctor recommend I start giving her tastes of things - so we started with mushy carrots today (with no salt, sugar or anything added), which she promptly spit out and looked at me like I was crazy for even suggesting such a thing.

Also a quick note on clothing sizes for grandparents who are out shopping around .... I was sorting through Chase's clothes yesterday (Thank you to everyone for the kind gifts. A special thanks to Allison Hall, Karla Allbritton and Aunt Diane for making significant contributions to Chase's wardrobe) looking for things in the 5-6 month range, as the 3-4 month clothes have become too small -- only to realize that she has already outgrown most of the 6-month clothes!

She is now wearing clothes in the 6-9 month range (due to her length), and I have started keeping an eye out for 9-12 month clothes, as I'm sure she'll be in them in the next month.

She's still turning all the boys heads. While my aunt and I ate lunch, our waiter couldn't leave her alone. He got her laughing and just couldn't pull himself away.

I think her Swiss-German is improving. Mine, on the other hand, is not.

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